Wellness Coaching
for Educators of
all Kinds.


Child & Caregiver Yoga

North Shore Wellness Collective - Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

A unique experience to practice yoga with your child. Learn breath awareness and yoga poses. Flow through a yoga class, practice poses together, deepen your relationship and strengthen the mindbody connection through breathwork and mindful movement.

Caregiver & Child Yoga Classes

At North Shore Wellness Collective

159 E Silver Spring Drive
Whitefish Bay WI 53217


This Spring! 4-5PM

Tuesday April 23rd Tuesday April 30th Tuesday May 7th Tuesday May 14th Tuesday May 21st Tuesday May 28th Tuesday June 4th


Family Yoga

Mequon Nature Preserve - Mequon, Wisconsin

Join us at the Mequon Nature Preserve this summer for a delightful series of Family Yoga Classes, designed to bring wellness and bonding to families of all sizes and ages. These sessions provide a perfect opportunity to engage in gentle and fun yoga practices surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature.

Family Yoga Classes

At Mequon Nature Preserve

8200 W County Line Rd
Mequon, WI 53097


This Summer! 11AM

June 12th, 19th, 26th,
July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
August 7th



1 Hour Session
A unique experience for caregivers and their children, rooted in joy, love, and connection. Yoga classes practiced together focused on mindfulness., breathing, and movement.

Wellness In Schools

45 Minute Session
Classes rooted in breath awareness, community building and mindbody connection. These classes are tailored for a classroom, group of children(ages 4-10), or school staff community.

Educator Retreats

Full Day
Join Glysa and our collaborators for 2-3 day retreats focused on supporting educators and giving them the time they deserve to focus on their self-care. A profound experience led by wellness facilitators who are passionate about valuing, caring, and giving to the most important people on the planet.

We Believe Educators Are The Most Important People On The Planet

Create meaningful and unique
experiences for mindbody connection

Each day reminds us that we have only just begun

We value the good in ourselves. We find the goodness in ourselves that we can share with others to connect us, support one another’s growth, and empower. We assume the best in others. We assume that others' intentions are good so that we believe in the goodness of humanity. That we are born without bias, without prejudice, and without insecurities. We listen so that we can connect. We stay curious so that we can learn from other’s experiences. We honor people’s stories and so we keep them, we do not share them. We notice and celebrate our uniqueness so that we do not place judgements on ourselves or others. We seek growth and challenges and understand that with each new day we have an opportunity. Each day reminds us that we have only just begun.


Through her work at Glysa Carrie believes in supporting everyone to the Be the One for themselves and to bring experiences that strengthen our mindbody connection.